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Small Travel File

Thin with a small pointed tip and 3-1/2 inches in length, small enough to store in a purse.

Medium Manicure File

With a pointed tip 5-1/2 inches long, the "normal" size, perfect for all use at home.

Large Pedicure File

7-1/2 inches long, with rounded edges, the largest file at 4mm thick.


Half Set

This includes one Small and Medium File, perfect for normal filing and use.


Full Set

This includes one of each size, great for all filing needs.


PriceFrom $7.00
  • All files displayed are colored handles, completely imbedded in the glass the color will never be removed by normal use.

  • You can manually select a single file, for the reduced single file price, or one of the set options. Each set provides a per file discount.

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